Find Out If You Are Addicted To Foods

Find Out If You Are Addicted To Foods

We are on the planet thanks to the fat. They were the most suitable fuel for the survival of the people living in caves, whose caloric expenditure was enormous compared to ours. The problem is that today we spent most concerning the era sitting in our offices (or lying on the couch at home), so we burn fewer calories than our ancestors, but we continue to share with them the pleasure concerning eating foods high in fat and with a high sugar content. These are foods that your body doesn’t really need.

Try that the calories you consume, latter longer. Think that you don’t poverty excessive energy you aren’t going to hunt a mammoth or something like that. Ideally, you take about 20 or 40 grams of protein at individually meal, and between 25 and 35 grams of fiber throughout the day. These nutrients satisfy the appetite, while helping to undermine the distress to overeat. Especially the fiber helps you by giving you a certain feeling regarding fullness, which in return reduces your appetite. Foods such when oatmeal or thorough grain bread contains a lot concerning fiber and you should definitely include them into your diet.

Clinical studies have found that there are parallels between the brains concerning people addicted to food and people hooked on drugs. The mechanism is radically the same: to receive a given stimulus, the brain releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for transmitting pleasure. And that’s while you engage. The problem is that, like drug addicts, people addicted to relapse when they try to suppress food habits.

What is prohibited is very attractive and it generates a strong sense of pleasure. We ended ascend falling into temptation, and we do it in an exaggerated way.

No need to go to counseling sessions to stop eating like emotional escape. All you need is to transplant your habits of reward. That means that you must learn to recognize situations that lead to eating this detailed way. One key is therefore to discover what triggers the anxiety, learning to supervisory emotional feeling, behaving in a positive way, and finally to congratulate yourself until you achieve something.

So proximate time you achieve a diet goal, reward yourself. This can be all kinds of rewards. Have a nice ice cream essentially a reward (and when I say reward, I mean only eat this as a reward), or go to a match of one your favorite sports teams.