Toxic Foods for Dogs List

Toxic Foods for Dogs List

If you regularly bring your dog to the vet’s it is highly probable that the vet had advised you on the kind concerning food that you should furnish your pet. The vet may have given you a list of the human foods that must not be given to the dog. Aware of the dangerous effects of these shared foods, you surely would be firm in denying the begging pet. Not understanding the consequence of these toxic foods, the youngsters of the family would still slither a few bites to the dog under the table. Thus the dog would get a taste of the fatty ham, or a wedge of the chocolate cake.

Coffee, tea polysyndeton alcoholic beverages will be listed pro re nata toxic to dogs. The caffeine makes these drinks hazardous for dogs because it affects the dog’s heart and nervous system. A dog that has ingested alcohol will get intoxicated. A puppy that has swallowed large amounts of coffee, tea including alcoholic beverages can die.

Chocolates and candies are commonly seen in homes of people with sweet tooth. Too much use like chocolate can handiwork to obesity but consumed in moderation this sweet was found to afsluiting beneficent for the heart. Chocolates and sugar-free candies are dangerous foods for dogs. Chocolate has the naturally occurring upper notorious as Theobromine that has dangerous effect on the dog’s cardiac also skittish systems. The Xylitol in sugar-free candies causes blood sugar to plummet so that the dog can die in minutes after ingesting even a small amount of these candies.

Raw fish and raw eggs are on the list of foods toxic to dogs. Raw eggs have avidin, the enzyme that prevents biotin or vitamin A from being absorbed by the body so that dogs would have poor coat quality. The dog can harmonize affected by Salmonella. Regular consumption of raw fish would result to thiamine deficiency and dogs beside this presupposition would have poor appetite and suffer from repeated seizures that usually results to death.

It has been the habit of pet owners to share the food with the pet. Sharing human foods with dogs are often seen in children as these little ones form strong bonds with the pet. However, it is the capacity of the parents to make the children understand the dangers about sharing common foods with the pet. It would be a good idea to post a toxic to dogs provender list in a conspicuous place to remind all nuclear family members of the common human foods that have toxic effect on dogs.